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Goals and objectives of the Institution:

1. To spread higher education, especially amongst the down-trodden, poor and peasantry classes of people of Beldanga and its neighborhood.

2. Upliftment of socio-economic status of the common people of Beldanga & its surroundings through rapid spread of higher education.

3. To grow the sense of confidence as regards to identity amongst the economically backward mass.

4. To enhance the sense of integrity and communal harmony amongst the people of the region. Establishment of equal opportunities among different classes of people irrespective of their sex, caste, religion and socio-economic status.

5. To raise the scope of alternate employment opportunities among the peasantry classes of people.

6. To create access to employment opportunities within the institution.

7. To motivate the students of the college to involve themselves for the welfare of the society.

8. To motivate the students of the college to participate in extracurricular activities like N.S.S., N.C.C. along with their academic educational activities.

9. To spread the awareness regarding ecology and environment among the students and the society as a whole.

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